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For the first time in history, women entered the British armed forces

in 1917.However, they were not permitted to engage in combat.They

were expected to replace men in clerical and administrative roles.

With the creation of the RAF in April 1918 the Woman’s Royal Air

Force was formed and grew rapidly. A photograph of the Montrose

Air Station complement in 1919 shows large numbers of WRAFs.

Other photographs of the period show women at RAF Montrose in

the cookhouse, in the engine workshops and driving vehicles.

The RAF, perhaps, had more opportunities for traditional female

skills than the other services.Many women,likeAnnie Largie,who was

a seamstress, had skills in sewing fabric, which were very relevant to

the maintenance of the fabric-covered aircraft of the time.Although

women were not allowed to fly, off the record some of the more

dare-devilish did make unauthorised trips!

Enid Carnegy-Arbuthnott,

aged 18, in the cockpit

of a BE2e Balnamoon

- Sept. 1916

16 materials of war