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s i gna l i ns t ruc t i ons


Particulars of any emergency or other signal forwarded or received

for which there is not a proper column, must be entered across the page.


A remark must be made in the Train Register when the time is checked

daily ; the mintues fast or slow must be shown.


In recording the time in the various columns the hour and minutes need

only be shown for the first train in each hour and at the beginning of

each page ; thereafter mintutes only need ot be recorded untill the next

hour is reached, e.g. –


When entering particulars of the line the initial letter only of the line

need be used, e.g. M = Main, F = Fast, S = Slow, G = Goods, R = Relief.


In the case of parallel running lines the fact that a train is received on

one line and despatched on another line must be recorded in the “Line”

column, e.g., F/S.

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