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quintinshill rail disaster


At 6.49am on Saturday 22 May 1915

a Liverpool-bound troop-train

carrying half (498 all ranks) of the 1st/7th (Leith) Battalion, The Royal

Scots (The Royal Regiment) (1/7RS) collided head on with a local passenger

train which had been‘parked’,facing north,on the south-bound main line at

Quintinshill just North of Gretna, to allow a following express to overtake

it. Normally the local train would have been held in one of the loops at

Quintinshill but both of these were already occupied by goods trains.

The troop train overturned, mostly onto the neighbouring north-bound

mainline track and, a minute later, the Glasgow-bound express ploughed

into the wreckage causing it to burst into flames.