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are keeping a vigil around the Casket containing the Rolls of Honour recording

the names of some 100,000 Scots who fell in the FirstWorldWar.TheVigil being

held in the Scottish NationalWar Memorial through the night of 30 June 2016

honours their sacrifice.

Included within the nearly 100 ServiceVeterans who will keep watch during the

night are:

Two ladies from the Association of Wrens. One is the daughter of a

SommeVeteran, the other a granddaughter

A gentleman whose Great Grandfather fought with the 1st Battalion

Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers at the Somme after surviving the campaign in

Gallipoli. He went over the top in the first wave on 1 July 1916 and was

killed.Although his body was never found, his name is on theThiepval


A gentleman whose Great Uncle was an Artillery Officer who led a body

of “Jocks” over the top at 0730hrs on 1 July 1916.

The whistle blown by the Artillery Officer on 1 July 1916 will be blown again

100 years to the exact minute by his Great Nephew.This act will mark the end of

the Battle of the SommeVigil in the Scottish NationalWar Memorial.