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trench notes

scot t i sh women a t war


cottish women found that they too had a role to play in the

war effort and one statistic sums up their contribution and the

great changes that took place during the course of the war.

The population census of 1911 showed that 185,442 men were

employed in the heavy industries of Clydeside. But apart from

the 2,062 women employed in the Singer Sewing Machine Factory

at Clydebank, there were only 3,758 women in full employment in

the heavy sector, most of them in the chemical industry, itself

a minor contributor to the region’s economy. Five years later,

by the middle of 1916, the number of women involved in heavy

industries in the same area had climbed to 18,500 and by the end

of the war 31,500 women were working in the munitions industry

in Scotland.